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Could not ask for a better marketing company. They do everything from building websites to making them shine on Google. I don’t have to worry about anything.
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I never had a clue SEO could help my business the way it has. Justin did such a great job that I’m having trouble keeping up with the phone calls.
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Justin was very helpful. He told me that I didn’t need SEO but told me about another alternative that would be more cost effective. He was great.
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Solutions are Cost-Effective

Specializing in Search Engine Optimization, compared to other marketing techniques like advertising, social media, marketing, email or lead marketing, to a great extent is the most cost-efficient way a marketer can realize measurable and tangible marketing results while improving their return on investment. Correct optimization is the bedrock of any online business success. In fact, at the moment, search engines are grabbing a huge market share therefore adopting it is the best move a business can take.

Our Techniques are proven to work

Justin Monk SEO are the reliable experts to work with. With a goal to solve every SEO need and help both newly launched and large corporations grow, they have elevated ranking and also produced measurable results for them. They do more than just typical fixing of tags, titles, and keywords. We consider ourselves one of the best local seo companies in Spokane.  If it’s Spokane Web Design you’re looking for we got you covered as well.

We Provide Custom Services

Business marketing needs vary from one to another. We understand the needs of each and every business and their niche. This type of work is far beyond just coding a web page. To ensure maximum online exposure, they incorporate the use of various social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare and much more. They also help fix structural and technical issues among others. It goes without any reasonable doubt that social networking sites are becoming the hotcake selling platforms of businesses. Utilizing such sites with the help of a Spokane SEO expert implies securing a better business future.

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A Spokane SEO Company

Studies show that more than 90% of people look for goods and services online. With this statistics, a business cannot afford not to have an online presence. It is crucial for businesses to have a website or blog and be responsive on social media. However, just having a website is not enough. Search Engine Optimization include tactics, techniques and strategies used with the aim of increasing traffic to a website by increasing the site’s visibility on search engines search as Google. It is important for a business to implement SEO to increase its website’s ranking on search engines. A higher-ranking website is easily visible in search results.

Tips on Choosing a good Company

With the many SEO companies in Spokane, it can be difficult to know how to choose the best company to drive your campaign. Listed below are top five important factors to consider when looking for a good one. Experience- One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a Spokane company is how long the company has been in business. A company that has been in business for long will guarantee better results than a newly formed company will. This is because experienced staff has been in business long enough to know what works, and what does not work while implementing a successful campaign.

Years of Experience

Perhaps, anyone can be an SEO provider overnight and convince a business that they are the best experts but in the real sense, they don’t have the qualities of a good agency. Experience is not a little thing. It is a bigger picture that determines the quality, efficiency and reliability of services an expert renders. Each business has their unique needs and tactics to succeed. We pride ourselves with a wealth of experience having served a broad range of individual businesses both small and large to realize both their short and long-term marketing strategies. We also have hundreds of number one rankings to back this up. Just ask us!!

Benefits Hiring a Spokane Agency

Save money – By hiring a professional, you are able to concentrate on other areas of the business that bring in money. In addition, you are able to save money that you would of spent on training tools, materials etc. Competitive edge- Online Marketing experts in Spokane have the tools, materials, techniques and have extensive experience and knowledge in this field. As a result, you are guaranteed of great results that will give you a competitive edge against your competitors. Online marketing really is a great way to advertise your business and when done right, can promote your business beyond borders.

More Reasons We Should be the Company you Hire

The days of building a website and waiting to gain ranking are long gone. Content is the king, queen, and prince of every online marketing mix. Content reigns and is the secret a business can reach its large goals beyond simply hauling their web users with irrelevant and unattractive content. This shows that Search Engine Optimization also involves more of psychology apart from Pay per click, social media, and indexing. While people flood a site, a marketer must understand how to deliver content and promote their products or services. This is what makes Justin Monk SEO unique from other Search Engine Specialists. SEO-friendly and engaging content is what a business can expect from them. Are you in search of a Branding Company, we can help you here too.

They have an understanding of all the three essential levels – Complete SEO incorporates the three tiers of search engine optimization. These includes On-page optimization, Off-page optimization, and technical or site structure. The difficulty or ease at which search engines can crawl and index a business site count a lot in the final success of a company. Link building, keywords, and HTML tags are other things a business can keep an eye on. A one-dimensional expert is not reliable, and this is why we understand  the importance of approaching business needs in all the three angles to maximize their chances of success. They are equipped with specialists with proven track of experience and skills.  Besides all of this they have the rankings to back up claims of being really good at SEO.  If an SEO company cannot rank themselves, how are they going to rank you?

They have a great passion for execution – An ideal consultant gets things done effectively and efficiently. We are determined to work around the clock to help businesses curb challenges and blocks involved while navigating their competitive market niche. Seeing businesses progress and achieve their marketing goals is their big concern. If you’re looking for a good Spokane Marketing Company we are it.

We pride to have every solution to the needs of an individual online business. Our solutions encompass a thorough analysis based on a business’s current website. We also provide free no-obligation quotes. Businesses that need a free evaluation of their sites analytics can contact us for custom services. Together we can sing the power of SEO. Find a reliable and convenient company in Spokane today.


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What makes us different than most other SEO companies is our Link Building Strategy.  Anyone can read up on how to set up the on-page and as you can imagine this doesn’t give them much of an advantage over the next guy.  Our Link Building strategy is something I developed over years of testing google with my own websites.  It can’t be taught in a school and no one is going to freely teach it, it’s something you have to practice and get good at.

Why is it so important to find a good Company?  Save yourself from stress and penalties- As a beginner, or someone with less knowledge in this area, you may end up doing serious mistakes while attempting this type of optimization for your business. For instance, some mistakes such using manipulative algorithms, spamming or using bad links are serious and may lead to hefty penalties by Google or major search engines. Peace of mind- Hiring a company in Spokane will give you peace of mind knowing that experienced and knowledgeable experts are doing the job as you concentrate on other areas of your business.

Good SEO

Optimizing your website will not only make it easier for people to find you online but will help your site rank higher on search engines. Google and other major search engines take into consideration the quality of content, graphics, keyword density, page load speed, among other algorithms when ranking websites. Higher ranking on Google equals more visits and consequently more potential converts. As a business owner in Spokane, you can either do it yourself or choose professionals to implement it for you. Experts have the skills, experience and expertise to do a faster and better job. Listed below are the major benefits of hiring an expert and how to choose the best company.

More Tips

Having a look at some of the results the company has done in the past will give you a picture of what to expect if you hire them. Ask for evidence to see whether the results worked and how long it took for the company to deliver results. Reputation- It’s paramount that you choose a company with a great reputation. Before hiring an a company do thorough research and ensure that the company you choose has a happy and satisfied customer base behind it. Ask your friends, colleagues, and family members to refer you to some reputable Internet marketing companies they have worked with before. In addition, look for online reviews and comments to see what users are saying before you choose a company.


The difference between hiring an experienced SEO company and one that doesn’t have much experience you may not be able to tell the difference with just their pitch.  But what you will see a major difference in is where the company ranks your website.  There’s no faking the end result, either the company is good at SEO or they aren’t.  How does that saying go, the proof is in the pudding.  Pricing- Different companies will charge differently depending on a number of factors such as location, experience in the industry, tools they will use, how long you want to engage the company, SEO strategies they will use etc. Always inquire about the pricing and ensure you choose a company that is within your budget.

Benefits Hiring a Spokane Agency

Availability of tools- If you decide to do your own, you will have to invest in all the tools and materials. Experts on the other hand have the latest tools and materials to ensure you stay ahead of your competition. Faster results- It may take weeks, months or even years to learn Search Engine Optimization ropes. Hiring an expert will allow for faster results as professionals have the experience and expertise to deliver faster results. This will give you time to concentrate on your core business while leaving this to professionals who have true knowledge. Save yourself the pain of learning the hard way, go with a world class company from the beginning.

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