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Marketing is a vital role in many Spokane Businesses survival.  There are many different ways to market your business but a lot of unknown and wasteful ways as well. How do you know?  Hiring a reputable Spokane Marketing Agency is one of the best choices you can make.

In recent years, business owners have seen the need to incorporate the use of videos in their marketing efforts. Today, the use is recognized as a mandatory requirement for corporate branding and other marketing efforts. In fact, to say that this mode of marketing is necessary would be an understatement. It is so integral to any marketing campaign that it is unthinkable that any business owner would think of marketing without integrating video. So, what are the benefits of video and how could it help your business?

How important is Video Marketing

The incorporation of good marketing and a website not only helps increase the number of site visitors but also helps keep the visitors engaged on a site much longer than is the case when a site only has written content. The time spent on a site acts as an indicator to the search engines that your site is providing useful content. 

When you consider that Google, the biggest search engine, also owns YouTube, it is easy to appreciate how important this is. Considering that today YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google, it is easy to see how the incorporation of video could boost rankings. Research has shown that websites that contain videos increase their chances of getting ranked on the first page of Google by up to 50 times.

To make the use of videos worthwhile, it is important that they are created with SEO in mind. By simply writing titles and descriptions and then adding a back link to your website, you are certain to see an increase in the number of site visitors and a corresponding rise in ranking.


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Finding an good Spokane Marketing Company isn’t exacty a walk in the park. Justin Monk SEO has been helping small and large businesses for over a decade.


Not having a website in todays time is like not having a car.  Can you still get around, will you survive?  Sure but you’re doing it the hardest way possible.  Good marketing leads to other great things like business growth.


Branding is another key role in your businesses survival.  A huge part of every good marketing plan.  Call us today and find out how we can help you stand out above your competition when it comes to brand.


There are many forms of advertising, some are good and some are bad.  It’s very difficult to know as you have so many other things you’re needing to take care of.  Let the Spokane Marketing Experts take care of this for you.


Aids in brand building

Companies spend vast amounts of money in brand building efforts and the creation of videos could help a company’s efforts greatly. Any company that hopes to get an army of loyal fans has to build trust with its supporters. Rather than constantly tell people how great your brand is, visitors to your site are more likely to become your fans when they discover that your site is the source of important and unique info.  Good Spokane Marketing Agencies know exactly what to do here.

Providing educational videos on a site helps build trust. While some people are skeptical about the products and services they see online (and are therefore unlikely to buy them for fear of being conned), these same people easily become your followers when you approach them with an educational video. Communication to potential customers via video is almost as good as face-to-face marketing and will convert even the most suspicious customer.

A small price to pay

If you are a Spokane business owner who wishes to harness the power of video, the good news is that video production has consistently become affordable. Today, there are plenty of tools available that make the production and editing of videos increasingly affordable. Moreover, employing the services of a good Spokane marketing consultant will guarantee that the product you get helps boost your marketing efforts.

Regardless of the amount you spend on video production, the return on investment is always great. When you consider the amounts that a business would have to spend marketing using traditional channels, obtaining the services a marketing professional is really a small to price to pay.

Useful on social media

The exponential rise in the number of people sharing stories and experiences on social media has enabled business owners to reach vast numbers of people in ways that were not previously possible. A great and almost effortless way to reach these people is by using video marketing. 


Email Marketing Mistakes to Watch Out For

The power of email marketing to help businesses is undoubted yet it is easy to make grave mistakes that end up hurting rather than helping a marketing campaign. While the occasional mistake might be unavoidable, consistently making mistakes in your email communications has the inevitable effect of hurting your brand. You might have gone to great lengths to create a mailing list and the last thing you want to see is a rise in the unsubscribe rate or to discover that your mails are treated as spam by the recipients. Fortunately, with a little effort and help from Justin Monk SEO, most mistakes can be avoided.

Getting people’s email addresses is very easy. Many business owners are happy to give their business cards to possible prospects and you might have got somebody’s address this way. You also might get somebody’s address after he or she signs up for a seminar. Some people even go to the extent of buying email lists rather than create their own. Anyway, Professional Spokane  marketing pros know that it does not matter how you got somebody’s email address but you’ll be making a mistake (and breaking the law) if you send unsolicited mails.

Apart from the possibility of an unsolicited mail ending up in the recipient’s junk folder, most people will never open a mail from a source they are not familiar with. Such mails also have the effect of diminishing the value of your brand in the eyes of the recipients and will therefore end up hurting rather than helping your marketing campaign.

Ignoring mobile devices

With the greater percentage of emails being opened on mobile devices today, a company will be committing a great mistake if its mails are not optimized for these devices. While your subscribers could be using both desktops and mobile devices to read mails, most will first read the message on the mobile device before sitting in front of a desktop to take further action. With the help of a professional, you can avoid this problem by adopting a responsive design to the layout of your mails.

Poorly crafted subject lines

The subject of an email has the power to encourage recipients to either open it or simply delete it. Great forethought is there necessary when creating subject lines. 

A subject line that has spelling mistakes reflects badly on the writer and the brand. Knowing the power of the subject line, some people use it to encourage people to click on the mail by telling lies and half truths. It is a mistake to make promises in the subject line that are not fulfilled in the body of the text. The reader feels cheated and he or she could immediately unsubscribe or fail to open mails from you henceforth. 

Failing to personalize

Readers get irritated when they receive mails on subjects that they do not care about. A reader can instantly tell a generic message from a customized one and the moment your readers discover that the mails you send are generic, the unsubscribe tide might be unstoppable. 

Apart from addressing readers with their real names, it is important to profile them to know their locations, gender and interests so that whatever mail you send has a real personal touch. By using the service of Professional Spokane marketing Agency you’ll discover the kind of data you need to collect to make your mails truly personal.

Lack of moderation

While you need to frequently send mails to people on your list, your campaign is likely to suffer if you sent too many messages. A deluge of messages makes the sender look desperate or anxious and most people treat them as spam. If it is inevitable that you have to send an unusually huge number of mails, it is important that they contain info that is really worth sharing. Such info would typically include news on new products or promotions that readers will find useful.

While some people send mails without moderation, others forget to send mails at all. When you forget to send mails or send them without an identifiable pattern, the people on your mailing list might end up forgetting you so that when you have to send info in the future you might have to create a new list.

Failing to update the email list

An email list needs to be updated regularly to remove from it people you do not need. If there are subscribers who never open mails, it is important to remove them to enable you concentrate your efforts on people who are likely to help your marketing efforts. 

It might also help to decide on the action to take on people who only open mails irregularly and never take any other action.