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Wichita SEO

It is the desire of every website owner to improve organic traffic but this is not always easy unless there are specific SEO strategies in place. While traffic could come from many other sources, SEO traffic is usually perfectly targeted as it comes from people who are searching for the product or service you provide. This type of traffic converts much more easily than that from other sources. With the right strategies in place, your website will consistently drive the exact kind of traffic you could be looking for resulting in increased conversions and sales. Which strategies then do you need to put in place to help you get more organic traffic?

Earn quality back links
The links to a site play a great part in determining how the site is ranked by the search engines and consequently the amount of traffic it’ll attract. While it is possible to get some traffic without back links, the rise in traffic could grow exponentially when your site has links from the authority sites in your industry.

While links are critical for traffic generation, it is important to understand that there are both good and bad links. Coming from quality sites and industry leaders, good links are a boost to your SEO efforts. On the other hand, links from low-quality and junk sites will not only hurt your efforts but could actually get your site penalized by Google. It therefore helps to identify the good and bad links and to put measures in place to get more of the former. A good Wichita SEO Company already knows this and has a plan in place to avoid it.

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A Wichita SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) relies on a host of strategies to achieve its objectives and link building is one such strategy. While there have been debates in recent times about whether back links are as relevant today as they were in the past, the fact is that back links will continue to be relevant for the foreseeable future. The real importance of back links is perhaps best appreciated by understanding their staying power. Finding a good Wichita SEO Expert may not start with their back linking strategy but it surely ends with this strategy.


Monitor the Competition

A link building strategy should be guided by what is going on in your industry and to this end you need to find out what your competitors are doing. Should you be ranking lower than your competitors, chances are that you have lower quality links than they do. To address such a situation, you need to find out the kind of back links the competitors have and develop a strategy for obtaining similar links. To beat out your Wichita Competitors with good SEO the company you hire needs a good Strategy.  Check their rankings and that will give you a good idea who you’re working with.


Participate in Discussions

On forums and facebook groups.  Not everyone is an expert although they will claim to be, you may run into some that know what they are talking about. Do you possess any special info that could be found useful by the people in your industry? You could start sharing this info by participating in online forums where you could build your name as an authority. When what you are providing adds value to the people in your industry, you not only build your reputation but you’ll find that the most authoritative sites will be willing to link to yours.


Use Internal Links on your own site

Before looking for links from external sources, the first thing you need to do is to use internal links to make your site more navigable to visitors. Internal links on a site help visitors move easily from one part of the site to another thereby guaranteeing visitor retention and a reduction in the bounce rate.  However be careful when setting this up. If the road map doesn’t make sense to google, your rankings may reflect it.  Google is similar to a finicky cat.  Try and feed it something that doesn’t seem right it’s going to go untouched.

Wichita SEO Tips

Guest blog on industry-leading sites
Every industry has its known leaders and one great way to join this league and thereby promote your own website is by guest blogging on the leading sites. Doing this has the potential of earning you referrals and quality back links which will prove priceless in your SEO campaign.
While guest blogging helps, it is however important to note that it is a double-edged sword. If you blogged on low-quality and even anonymous sites your SEO efforts could suffer a setback hence the importance of choosing the sites you blog for with great care. An experienced Wichita SEO Company will know their way around this.

Engage your readers
One of the biggest secrets to getting quality traffic is to engage with the people who have already shown interest in your product or service. When you have an online presence you inevitably receive questions and suggestions from your readers and there are several ways in which you can engage them.

The least you can do is provide answers to the questions people ask via email but you can take this even a step further. Once you get the gist of the queries from your readers, you could create a detailed blog post which addresses the most common questions that people are asking. Since such queries are usually industry-wide, your post and your website will be the first that appears in search results when people ask questions and this will be a definite way of getting organic traffic.


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What makes us different than most other Wichita SEO companies is our Link Building Strategy and content creation. Nothing attracts, engages and helps convert people on a site than quality content. It is the quality of the content that also plays the biggest role in determining how Google ranks your site. Readers and search engines are always on the lookout for the freshest and most outstanding content and this is what a site owner must always endeavor to provide. The content you create then must be better than what your competitors are creating.

Great and outstanding content has the ability to give a website the kind of quality back links that will make it stand out. Moreover, engaging content reduces the bounce rate on a site (which is an important ranking factor) but is also easily shared.  When this is mixed with a good Link Building Strategy, your competition is going to have a difficult time beating you online.



Back Links Make SEO

In addition to helping increase site traffic, back links play a crucial role in brand building. Back links help expose a brand to people it would otherwise have no access to. Even more importantly, back links help an entity get referral traffic. Through back links an entity is therefore enabled to reach new audiences and provides an avenue for engagement that could ultimately result in conversions.

Back Link Strategy

For back links to achieve their objectives however, they have to be legit. Moreover, different links have different weights and the aim of every website owner is to acquire the best links possible. Having a site filled with low-quality links not only hurts the site’s SEO efforts but also increases the possibility of incurring Google penalties. Since it’s the good links that assist in branding and SEO, what measures do you need to put in place to acquire them?

Finding good links

While good links are what every website hopes to get, it is important to appreciate that it is near-impossible to get only quality links. However good your site is, there’ll always but a number of bad links and when making a decision on whether to target a certain site, you need to know how to separate quality from low quality sites. This is where a good Wichita SEO Agency shines with experience in choosing the right links.

Becoming a Guest Blogger

Where there are no industry forums you can participate in, you can still build your name and obtain quality links by writing blog posts for the leading websites in your industry. An online search will tell you if the leading websites you aspire to write for are accepting guest posts after which you should apply to become a contributor. When you write great content, you stand a chance of getting the opportunity to contribute on a regular basis and you can then use your guest posts to build back links.

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