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While the importance of brand building is clear to many Spokane business owners, few take the trouble to assess the direction in which their efforts are headed. Frequent appraisal of branding efforts is of critical importance for unless such assessments are carried out a business could end up wasting money on efforts that are unlikely to bear fruit. As a Spokane business owner who has invested time, effort and money on brand building, how can you tell that your efforts are not helping you make any headway?  If you’re looking for a good Spokane Branding Company you have found one.

When people don’t reach you via your website

A website is the face of the company and when a site is built professionally it might prove the most cost effective way to help build a brand. For this reason, no efforts should be spared in making the website as attractive as possible. Physically, a website has to be so appealing that it will enthrall every visitor who lands there. Since the website is the first encounter that potential customers have with your company, it must provide complete details about the company including the full range of products and services.

As a Spokane business owner, how can you tell whether your website is aiding in your branding campaign? Easy! A great website gets frequent visitors and has a low bounce rate. Additionally, you can tell that the website is achieving its objectives if people are using it to find your business. If these things are not happening then the website is not achieving its objectives and needs to be worked on again.

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Social Media

Social media is a slippery slope these days as well. But don’t worry we got your back when it comes to social media.

Failure to develop a brand voice on social media

Many Spokane Branding companies have harnessed the power of social media to develop their brands and while this is commendable, a company has to use social media wisely. If a company chooses to post blogs on social media as part of its brand building campaign, those posts have to be useful to readers and should also be used to develop a brand voice. 

The people who interact with your company on social media will respect your brand when your posts are known to contain useful info. Consistency in posting and the ability to provide the kind of info that your competitors are unable to provide will make your Spokane company stand out. To find out whether social media activities are helping a company develop a brand voice, one needs to find out what the competitors are doing and also to regularly assess the quality of the posts being created.

Inability to obtain honest testimonials

A company’s branding efforts can be considered to be succeeding when they not only get repeat customers but also gets abundant referrals. Without repeat customers, the future of any business is certainly bleak. To get around this, some businesses try to create the impression of great success by paying people to write fake testimonials about the quality of the services they are offering. This kind of action might give the company some short-term mileage but it cannot be counted on to make the company sustainable. 

For this reason, whenever a company does not develop a group of loyal supporters who are ready to praise and to refer its products or services to family and friends, it is time to re-think the branding efforts that have been put in place.  That should be your hint it’s time to hire a Spokane Branding Company.


When the small details are ignored

A company’s brand encompasses everything a business does and every encounter with people outside the company should be viewed as part of the company’s branding efforts.  Physical encounters between the company’s employees and customers should therefore never be taken for granted. 

From the language the employee uses to the way he or she dresses and even the quality of the business card that such an employee produces, all these seemingly small details tell the world about your brand. It is especially important to treat first-time encounters with utmost care as these tend to leave a lasting impression and if things go wrong at this moment, the company could lose a potential customer. A company should realize that its branding efforts are failing when there are frequent complaints about the conduct of its employees.

Successful branding building takes deliberate efforts and requires regular appraisal. Unless this is done, a company could spend vast amounts of money and still fail to realize any tangible benefits.