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Branding could make or break a company and many organizations spare no efforts in brand building. Aware that they might never hope to carry out all brand building activities in-house, many companies today are outsourcing this crucial activity (or some of it) to branding experts. As a business owner, what factors do you need to take into consideration when choosing a firm of branding experts?

Their ability to understand your business and the industry

However experienced a branding expert is, he or she will deliver nothing without a deep understanding of your business and the industry you operate in. At the end of the day, the business owner understands the business better than the experts and you can quickly tell if the experts you are interviewing are worth hiring by observing how willing they are to fully understand your business.

A competent firm will therefore spend plenty of time asking the kind of questions that will help them understand your business and your branding requirements. Once the branding firm knows what you require, it should develop a timeline for the project and also indicate the results that the branding project is expected to produce.

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Do the experts have an inspiring website?

Since you are hiring the branding experts to take your brand to a new level, it helps to see the kind of website they have built for their own company. Is it inspiring? If that was your website, would you be proud it or does it look like it was hurriedly created? If the expert’s website does not meet your requirements, you can guess that the end product of their branding efforts will not meet the requirements of your company.

The firm’s portfolio
Branding experts capable of delivering desirable results should show you a complete portfolio that ideally covers varying industries and demographics. It will be a huge plus if the firm has helped clients in your specific industry. Moreover, the portfolio should show projects completed in the recent past to prove that the firm is aware of current trends in the branding industry.


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The qualifications of the team

A competent branding firm will not be a one-man show and needs to be staffed with professionals. It is therefore important to confirm that you are dealing with people who have acquired the necessary education. Professional firms have nothing to hide in this area and are really very proud to show off the special skills and the professional designations of their team members. Any firm that is unwilling or is hesitant to show the competence of its staff should be treated with suspicion.

Look at testimonials
A branding firm that has been performing great work will have a sizeable number of past clients who are happy to announce how they company helped. Start by searching the company’s website to see if you can see such testimonials. You could also ask the branding firm to provide a list of such clients together with their contact details and let the company know that you intend to get in direct contact with them. A firm that has left behind its trail dozens of frustrated customers will most probably back off at this stage.

You should also consider performing a quick online search for the company to find out if there have been any complaints from past clients.



Continuing support

Brand building is a continuous process and the branding experts you hire need to appreciate this. While the branding firm will be working on a timeline, they also need to be available to provide continuing support even after the end of your engagement. The firm should therefore provide the contact details of people to get in touch with during the execution of the project and also provide a channel for communication at the end of the project.

In choosing branding experts, a company should take adequate time to research the many companies available to make sure that they only deal with the best. A company’s brand is the true reflection of the company in the eyes of the world and every effort should be made to ensure that the representation that comes out is true. Only an experienced team of branding experts can guarantee this.

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