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Are you the owner of a business, and wondering whether it is really important to have your website optimized for the search engines. With so many online marketing tools available today, you might wonder whether it might not be more effective to put your marketing money in avenues such as paid advertising (PPC). You might also wonder whether listing in local directories is really sufficient for your business. To answer such concerns, it should be emphasized at the outset that search engine optimization is important today and will always be for all businesses. If you have created a website for your business but are yet to optimize it for Google and other search engines, you’ll fail to reap the benefits that your site truly deserves.

Where people in the past searched in directories for services, these days potential customers will first look up the search engines when they need a service provider. Needless to say, such customers will never know that you exist if your site is buried somehow on the 50th page of search results. The company in your city whose site appears on the first position of search results will certainly be seen by those searching and that is the person the searcher will do business with. Not only does optimization make your site more visible it also helps build greater credibility with visitors. People searching for products and services online generally believe, and rightly so, that sites ranked high by the search engines are more credible than those ranked much lower. Great ranking therefore increases the number of site visitors and most of those visitors are likely to become your loyal customers.

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The main reason why companies make an online presence is to help them dominate. When you can dominate the competition, you become the company of choice for the people in your location. SEO, when done professionally, will help you become dominant and this comes with a host of benefits.

For starters, your site will enjoy increased traffic. Even when people are not contacting you for services using an online form, they’ll be able to identify your location and either come visiting or make a phone call. This is likely to translate to greater business for your company.


A critical part of any successful SEO campaign is an active presence on social media platforms. Companies which go to social media do so with the express intention of building their brands and an active and positive presence here could work miracles for your plumbing business.

An active presence on social media is today one of the most important signals that Google and other search engines look for in deciding where to rank a site. Generally, active accounts communicate to the search engines that you are running a successful business and this will make your site rank higher than less active sites.


Social media also helps you build the trust you need to build to get fans and followers. Social media is mainly about interacting with people who have questions they need answered. Do you, for instance, have any specialist info that could help people with their plumbing problems? Are there frequent plumbing problems that you see people wondering how to solve? This could be a great way to start interacting with people on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.


You could start by addressing such concerns and then linking your blog posts to your site. The people you interact with in social media forums will see you as a respected authority in the plumbing field and could become your followers. This will ultimately build your brand and will translate to increased business.

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