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Search Engine Optimization is basically the process of improving the visibility of a site on organic SERP (search engine result pages) by incorporating the search engine friendly elements to a website. A successful SEO campaign will have carefully select and relevant keywords so as to help a website to rank higher in the Google rankings.

Search engine optimization has been broken down into 2 basic areas: off-page and on-page optimization. On-page optimization simply refers to the website elements that comprise a web page like HTML codes, images and textual content. On the other hand, off-page optimization refers to backlinks (links that point to the website that’s being optimized, from the other relevant websites).

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Finding an good SEO Agency isn’t exacty a walk in the park. Justin Monk SEO has been dominating the search engines for almost a decade.

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Each one of our websites is designed to capture traffic to it’s fullest.  Don’t just listen to us take a look at our work and decide for yourself.

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Being one of the top SEO company’s in the area we work strictly with only the top Branding experts.  Call today for an introduction.

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Social media is a slippery slope these days as well. But don’t worry we got your back when it comes to social media.


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As a leading Kennewick Richland wa Online Digital Advertising Agency, we focus on producing best results for our customers in regard to conversions, growing traffic as well as sales to newer levels time. Servicing Walla Walla, Hermiston and Pendleton with Professional SEO Services. In case you need to get started with these services, just contact us today and we shall schedule consultations with you. This ought to assure you that the site dominates the search results!

We offer the top quality practices with an aim of increasing the number of people who visit your website through obtaining higher-ranking placements in SERPs. When you hire our services, be assured you’ll see improvements in your organic Google search engine results listings.


Kennewick SEO Services

Why Hire Justin Monk SEO?

Many business owners usually hesitate to hire services of an online marketing firm because of the preconceived notion that this task is time consuming and expensive. However, the truth is that Search Engine Optimization allows businesses to promote with less cost and quicker results as compared to the traditional marketing methods. Below are the benefits of why you should hire us:

We will provide the ultimate leverage for the business owner

Since the average entrepreneur doesn’t possess adequate internet promotion skills, it’s better to outsource this task to someone else who’s more familiar with the task of implementing SEO campaigns. Several tasks like keyword research, off-page and on-page optimization, website structuring and content distribution might seem overwhelming to any  business owner. Conversely, a consultant who’s skilled can fulfill these tasks on a regular basis so as to generate more traffic to your business. When you hire us, you can be guaranteed that we will provide ultimate leverage for your business.

Our SEO consultants are capable of providing strategies to overcome competition.

The main benefit of implementing the optimizing strategies is the fact that only a smaller percentage of the offline businesses use search engine marketing methods to promote their services or products. This presents a good opportunity for companies that implement these practices since it gives them an added advantage as compared to their competitors. If many sites within a given industry are competing for a top spot in the Google rankings, an good firm can also present recommendations and solutions for beating this competition.


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We help in providing regular organic traffic to a firm’s website.

Organic traffic simply means that the website visitors are finding their way to the website naturally by using certain search phrases.  Our consultants are very skilled at generating the organic traffic. They know the keyword phrases which are being searched for. Furthermore, they know how to build a site in a way that search engines can easily find in order to be included in the top search results. In the end, the customers generated from these marketing campaigns usually tend to be determined and more loyal buyers than the customers generated using other means.

The professional fees of that we charge can be a game-changing investment for your business

It could take a beginner months or even years to learn internet marketing techniques required to accomplish the online traffic results. However, hiring a professional Kennewick consultant will help the business owner to experience measurable results which will be reflected in the sales and profits.


We are a premier SEO services provider. We offer a wide range of options and packages for search engine optimization which range from one-time fees for the smaller sites to monthly subscriptions for the ongoing support and efforts. Here are our services:

Search Engine Optimization – We are not satisfied with only the top spot on the search engine rankings but we want to take over the entire page. We have successfully dominated front pages for some of the toughest search engines in the country.  Having hundreds of number one rankings to back this claim up.

Best SEO

Website Audit Service – We offer a comprehensive website auditing service that comprises of dozens of pages and also addresses even the tiniest of the website elements that may potentially be detrimental to ranking-abilities of your website.

On-Page – This refers to Optimization techniques that are specifically designed to implementing the problems and the potential issues which our audit uncovers. We address a number of fundamental elements like headings, page titles, content as well as content organization and the internal link structure.

Content Writing – This can be seen as a misnomer which should be replaced by well researched content and high quality writings. Content writing implies there are secret writing formulas which turn plain texts into something magical which gets the attention of search engines.

Code Optimization – This helps in alleviating code-clutters thus presenting your contents in easy-to-understand formats. Secondly, it reduces the load-time on your pages on the website so that search engine spiders do not have to wait around as your page loads.

Citations – We are dedicated to work extra hard with you and ensure that the citations are correct in addition to acquiring new citations.

Reviews – We usually add whole new elements to your services. We will work together with you in order to help you in gaining more reviews from clients and customers.

Local Business Listing Research and Creation – Through our extensive research on your business status on the local web properties, we will ensure that your businesses are present in the local listings and it does not have multiple accounts or entries.

Local Mobile`s Check-In Visibility – We help in strengthening all your local signals through encouraging a lot of check-ins simply by publicizing your business on Foursquare, official Facebook Places and also Google Places accounts.


Internet Marketing is one of the most cost powerful and effective ways to reach your clients. A lot of people are using the internet today as their major resource for finding and buying different products and services. Here are the main reasons why you should use SEO services:

· Business Branding and Visibility

· Provides Your Business Credibility

· Brings Traffic to Your Business

· Has One of the Best ROI’s in Advertising

· Gives You an Unmatched Insight into All Your Customers


As one of the rapidly changing industries in the world, SEO requires diligence, care and strategy. To ensure consistent progress in search engine marketing, we abide by the webmaster guidelines and also provide high quality services. Instead of having to rely on short-lived outcomes and cheap tricks, we offer expertise insight that has been built on best practices. With many years of Ranking success, we have seen more than enough to know what is best for your business. In an industry which is as unregulated as online marketing, we stand for proactivity, trust and results.

In case you need to increase search engine traffic to your site, looking to break into new markets with paid advertising or you even have a promotional video which isn’t delivering the return that you’d hoped for, we are here for you. No matter your goals, we have proven solutions that match all your goals. Our team researches, executes and plans profitable online marketing campaigns by combining channels so as to earn you amazing returns.


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