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Online reputation management (ORM) is a term originating from public relations. It refers to controlling the online presence of an individual or a firm by managing the information that comes up when an online search is conducted. The primary purpose of ORM is to ensure that the firm or individual appears in a good light by minimizing or entirely getting rid of negative results that pop up when a search is conducted on it.

The concept revolves around shaping the public perception of a person or an organization. In this respect, ORM mostly concentrates on drowning out negative reputation with positive information. Much like the conventional public relations officer; a reputation manager works on maintaining a good imOnline Reputation Managementage in times of crisis.

Damage control methods used include addressing the content that is potentially tarnishing and utilizing feedback from customers as a herald to detect potentially damaging content.

Managing your online image as a company mostly revolves around how you respond to customer feedback. Due to the fact that ORM is still in its nascent stages, organizations generally have not realized the benefits of approaching professionals such as the Online Reputation Company in Spokane. Unfortunately, some have had to learn the hard way that how you respond to customer feedback impacts greatly on the image of your company

How is online reputation management going to boost one’s business?

By opting to seek the help of professionals, you save a lot of the time and effort required when building a positive reputation about your brand. Here is why ORM should be an integral part of your business.

1. The whole world is watching

Creating a good online presence is essential. Creating a good online image is crucial as well. Social media sites are business platforms these days. People tweet and share the things that appeal to them, including your brand. Marketing is done very fast and efficiently this way, especially if your brand comes with a good reputation.

On the other scope, the same principle applies if there is negative buzz surrounding your brand. Unsatisfied customers, your competition or even just haters might want to disrepute your brand and if this negative feed is not caught early enough, the damage might be irreparable.

ORM professionals work fast to curb the spread of this information either by addressing it transparently or simply overshadowing it with positive reviews about the brand. It is a very effective method of curbing bad press.

2. Proper feedback to your customers

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Speaking of unsatisfied customers, how you respond to their inquiries and reviews directly impacts on the image of your brand. Responding to negative reviews requires tact and well thought out responses. Giving snide responses or completely ignoring all the negative reviews will certainly not turn out well.

The Online Reputation Company in Spokane has professionals who are well equipped with the right answers that will not only save face but also portray the professionalism that a reputable brand should be associated with.

3. Control what people find about you

Imagine what it would do to your sales if the first thing that people found when they looked up your product on Google is hundreds of negative reviews all from different people. Getting back from this kind of bad press is difficult, if not entirely impossible.

ORM professionals help push these reviews further down the result page by improving the search engine optimization of the content published by the company. This will ensure that only the positive reviews on the company’s site, not to mention gripping testimonials are the first results found when a Google search is conducted.

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4. Get the best kind of publicity for your brand

ORM revolves around building a good name for a brand. This does not stop at curbing negative reviews. Actively creating a good reputation is about three-quarters of the functions of reputation management. Generating good press can be achieved in a number of ways:

· Flooding the search results with positive articles about your brand, publishing original positive reviews and testimonials with the aim of suppressing negative results in a search.

· Approaching sites that rank highly on Google and getting them to mention your brand positively.

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· Issuing official online press releases to authoritative news websites in order to build a good brand presence.

· Tactfully creating blogs and sites under pseudonyms and using them to promote the brand. It is important that the sites are not affiliated to your official website in any way.

Managing your online reputation requires a balanced combination of transparency and censorship. We service Spokane, Liberty Lake, Post falls and the Coeur d’Alene area.