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The Importance of Online Digital Marketing for your Spokane Business

One cannot deny the fact that the internet has brought with it many benefits. The world is slowly but surely shifting from analogue to digital platforms and almost everything we do now has digitally evolved. For Spokane businesses, online marketing is a must if you want to reach every customer out there. One can easily access the internet from their phone, tablet, laptop or pc so there’s practically no excuse for not marketing online. With Proper SEO your business can be one of the first company’s they see. Every business needs to quickly adapt to this kind of marketing because in future, it will definitely be the single biggest form of advertising.

The old generation may not like the idea of doing away with old marketing methods TV and radio, probably because they grew knowing them as the main advertising method but the younger generation has easily embraced this idea. Truth is, internet marketing is way faster, effective, versatile and practical than other methods. Before heading onto the importance of online marketing, it only makes sense that you first familiarize yourself with different methods. They include:-

· SEO (search engine optimization).

· PPC (pay per click).

· Blogs.

· Display banner ads.

· Emailing.

· Affiliate marketing.

· Social media marketing (Face book, Twitter, Instagram e.t.c).

· Mobile marketing (sms, mms and many more).

· Video content marketing.

· Internet classified ads.

Every business desires a marketing method that is pocket friendly, effective, and less risky but maximizes sales at the same time. With that said, the following are reasons why you should start internet advertising:-


If you have ever tried online marketing, you will agree that it’s the most cost effective means one can use to reach a wide audience in the least possible time. This means that as a Spokane business owner, you are able to spend more money on other areas of your business enabling you maximize on profits. Not just that but it’s also easy to monitor all sales made using the same platform.

Easy monitoring and tracking of sales made.

With internet marketing, once you’ve advertised your product and/or service, you only need to sit back and relax as you wait to see the impact made again using the same platform. Before that you were required to go out to the customers which was tiresome and expensive to conduct customer research.

Ability to interact with customers.

Take Face book for instance; you put up an ad, someone sees it and is interested. All they need to do is to click your page, buy or ask any questions regarding your product. You will definitely be able to get back to such a person as soon as possible enabling you make more sales. Customers are also happy when they get immediate responses from sellers and chances of referring you to another customer are very high.

Reach customers globally.

A big percentage of people in the world can now access internet and as a business person, you should aim at making your brand known not just locally but internationally too. Online advertising makes this possible by making your ad visible to anyone online. That means that if you are in America or China, someone from Africa can also buy your product which is something that’s impossible with analogue advertising.


Online marketing is convenient.

Thanks to internet advertising, you can keep your business open for as long as you want even after your store is closed. This means that difference in time zones between you and your customers is nothing to worry about because customers can view your products online anytime and even purchase what they like.

So you’ve seen methods of digital advertising and the benefits of doing that, but do you have any idea what tools you need for an effective ad campaign? Read the following to find out.

Websites- Every business needs to own a website for their business. You can either have it designed by a professional or do it yourself if you have web design skills. Your website should be easily accessible, easy to operate, unique and most of all simple. Everyone should be able access it be it via a Smartphone, tablet or laptop with ease. Some website have mobile and web versions for easy access.

A landing page or lead capture page- This one is a page in the website where a visitor is supposed to land first and make specific actions like subscribe to email notifications. Once that’s done, you as the website owner can offer things like discounts or free trials for your product or service.

Website content- It’s very important for reaching out to a specific audience. Your content should have the right keywords that will enable search engines to collect when users are online. When keywords are not correct, you will only draw the wrong visitors to your website.

Update, Update, Update- To keep visitors coming for more, you have to put up new content and products as often as you can. You can come up with a plan whereby you put updates daily, weekly or monthly.

Advertise your website- Use social media websites like Twitter and Face book to make your website known. You only need to subscribe to a package of your choice and renew each time it ends.

Blogging- Blogs are becoming popular methods of online advertising. They are very easy to create and also easy to maneuver. Blogs are platforms that can be used to reach as many people as possible without any restrictions. This in turn increases traffic to your blog.


As you embark on your marketing journey, you should consider adding customer testimonials to your website. This will give customers the assurance that they are dealing with an experienced businessman/woman. Also consider adding giveaways and don’t forget to offer money back guarantee if you want to make more sales.

Online marketing is indeed here to stay with us so every business needs to embrace this new idea. Every online marketing method used will definitely yield fruits if implemented well. With it you are sure to concentrate on other areas of your business that need your attention. We are an Spokane Digital Marketing Company and can help you.  Try it today and enjoy an effective, affordable and guaranteed way of making money.